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Apparently there is a memo mix-up and Dickies {D.I.K.S.; DisInformation Campaign Stooges}, such as Mr. Dane Wigington, Mr. Steven Greer, & Mr. Mike Adams, failed to get the quarter century old T.P.S. Report on how insults, degrading, and demeaning rhetoric from Mr. Nobodies is sssooo two decades ago;  Myself excluded of course. That tactic only work when they control 100% of the media.

Ironically, N.L.M.'s {@TheHealthRanger; NaturalNews.com; Naturally b.Lame Media} was how @WeatherWar101 was discovered by me. However, N.L.M.'s roots as a disinformation artist, due to its pushing 'organic' and other statist propaganda astroturf issues, was easily suspected by me.

The point of mine, is that @WeatherWar101's evidence speaks for its own credibility much more logically and reasonably, than the b.lame tired arguments made by the paid Disinformation Campaign stooges.  That means there is little reason to waste emotional energy on them;  That is other than to pray for the Goddess to eternally illuminate their self-determined paths.

Mr. Adams, and the others, may deviate from the official District of Columbia party line on specifically irrelevant issues.  However, the issues are irrelevant because of the 'learning' material, for what the audience is attending.  This is done only in an attempt to trip plebeians up and trick them into trusting the source as credible.  Ironically, it only helps to identify themselves as either stooges or simply people who disagree.  It helps by how their arguments are free of reason or logic with all that is said by them.

In the I.A. {Information Age}, in which we live, plebeians that care can easily find minority reports on any issue. Therefore, destroying the kabals' century long masquerade of only showing one of the myriad facets that is has by any issue.