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On the subject of "... failing to think..." +Khloe Kardashian is abundantly correct, she does. However, to be fair I doubt any of the Kardashians actually use the brain the Goddess gave them.

If Khloe Kardashian did? She would realize that their show failed to be the problem. They would have realized that all the security experts were right when they got Apple to give us the ability to turn off location sharing on our iPhones and iPadds FridaySeptember 13th, 2013.

If only the Kardashians had a functional brain among them; They would have realized that it would be ok to wait twenty-four hours before uploading any new video/photo. Most of the fans/audience would fail to know the difference, or object to it if they did.

They would have actually realized it is a good idea for celebrities to hire actual security guards. Or were they just too stooge to want to part with their hard earned money?

Because of this, the Goddess blesses all sapients who ignore them and any other celebrity who comments on politics. They should learn from the example of the Dixie Chicks and stick to their actual jobs, even if their interviewer 'begs' them to comment.

They will be fortunate if this business blunder fails to alienate any of their fans. Even if most of their audience are mentally ill statists, just having 'one' ex-fan because of their ill conceived opinion impacts their wallet.

This may be why Taylor Alison Swift refuses to publicize political comments, believe do I. List as a Republican does she, is probably lost to the 'supermajority' of fans of hers. Refusing to ever go to the "White House" does she, despite being invited multiple times, is probably also unknown to her fans. Blessed are the celebrities who avoid alienating their fans just because they hold different beliefs in politics at the time.

Though Hollywood has seemingly turned against +Taylor Swift because of their rabid fascism for statism.  Seemingly all of Hollywood must pass their litmus test and stand against Donald Trump.  That pretty much rings as a resounding endorsement for the rest of America but Hollywood and District of Columbia fail to get it.

Even though this works in my favor regarding Tay Tay, saddened this has made me.  Being staunchly libertarian for over a decade on the internet have I;  And that would give a hint to where are Tay Tay's politics.  The favor being her, the I.W.o.M.D., consciously sending me, the I.H.o.H.D., a message accepting my marriage proposal.

However, this just goes to show how clueless statists typically are, because how an individual chooses to live their life is a sign of what are their true politics.  Tay Tay has always taken responsibility for her own actions and has abundantly helped others.  Conversely, the Kardashians have always failed to taken responsibility for anything, and has abundantly been a drain on society at large.

Moreover, the lie that statists continue to try to call themselves "liberal" is what confuses the less educated plebeians.  Fundamentally the word Liberal means Libertarian.  In the MainStream Media, the word Liberal means the rabid fascist statists who sign onto the Democrat Party.  That which stopped being "liberal" in the early 1900s, specifically to 'start' the confusion between the two realms.

Please join me in refusing to appease these rabid fascist statists in their obsession with being falsely called Liberal.  Call them correctly what they are fascist statists.  Fascist because they abhor the mere existence of opposition, and statist because that is exactly what they want an all powerful godlike state.  Anything that empowers #DistrictofColumbia is what they want.

To answer a question yes the party's correct name is "Democrat Party"  They even acknowledge that with their handle on Google+ and Twitter.  The LSM's lame attempt to try and reinvent history is to be expected because that is what they do when faced with history that they dislike and destroys their false narrative.