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Having +Linda Carter as the fictional #PotUS is brilliant, and I hope she is actually an Amazon.  However, the political snide remarks that Kara'el makes regarding the PotUS's election opponent, and the obvious implications to escape from reality hurt the overall enjoyment of the show.

That is failing to recognize that +Donald Trump wins the 2016 election in a landslide against that other woman.  I mean how could anyone vote for her?  If she was actually awesome such as +Wonder Woman then that would be great but that fails to be the case.

Humor aside, use current political elements in any work of fiction only dates the episode and alienates the viewers that disagree with whatever tickets to the crazy train that happens to be advertised.  In addition, the current divisiveness in America makes the attempt even more polarizing.  The result is this episode will be quickly forgotten if the writers, directors, or producers are lucky.

+Melissa Benoist please avoid taking any criticism personally.  How you portray +Supergirl is extremely compelling and enjoyable to watch.  A portal to slipstream to another Terra would be the only way to date who is seen by me.  Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing more of your version of her.

Nonetheless, please as a personal favor do what you can to convince the writers and directors to lay off on the contemporary issues.  Doing that is precisely why people still buy and enjoy the original Wonder Woman and +Star Trek television series.  They knew better than to overtly insinuate current political dogma, while still conveying unique ideals, morals, and ethics.

Unlike +Jeb Bush's fake comment, your beauty is easily recognizable to me. However, a