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President Abraham Lincoln is the single worse president in American history, even more than Mister Bull Shit.  He single handedly set back state sovereignty as the founder's intended a century.  He then set over a million slaves free from their plantation owners.

I mean, I despise slavery and love everyone.  However, taking over a million Americans of any race or sapient species {without any useful trade skills, education, or family to fall back on} and setting them free to run loose through the wilderness is insanity.  So you are damn straight most sane people in the South objected to what Lincoln wanted to do with his irrational fanatical idealism, regardless of prejudice, racism, and other mental illnesses.

Anyone who studies economics for America in the early 1800s will quickly realize that Slavery was already proving as a failing method of farming.  Paid workers work harder and produce more crops than slaves who are paid nothing.  Go figure, greed wins out as a motivator over fear of pain.

That wasn't all either, Lincoln single handedly disintegrated the South's railroads and factories.  They sowed salt into farmer's fields... The American South has still failed to fully recover from the first half of the Civil War.

However, fear not, the Civil War continues just through a 'Kold War'.  Everyone who loves individual liberty for all races and species and state sovereignty over District of Columbia's idiocy, is a citizen of the Konfederacy whether they like it, know it, or not.

The Statists of District of Columbia can fight it all they want, however eventually the South will rise again and receive justice for all the past mistakes... I mean justice btw, instead of vengeance, or revenge...

Afterall an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.