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For those wondering about my motives for calling Barry Soetoro by his name.

Barry Soetoro is the Khristian name that his mother, , gave him.  Barrack Obama is the Muslim name he has assumed, but has yet to legally acknowledge the name change.

Furthermore, Mister B.S. {BullShit} claims that he is a Khristian, and yet he 'assumes' an Islamic Muslim name.  If you ask any Khristian that ever has been, is, or will be they will tell you they only acknowledge their Khristian name.

Therefore, I will always call him Mister Barry Soetoro.

As a matter of respect, or lack there of, Mister Bull Shit has universally and consistently shown disrespect for America, it's citizens, and Khristians as a whole.  He even disrespects Black Americans, and works tirelessly to lessen our quality of life.  That is his actions.

I love everyone and I pray daily that Black Americans as a whole find their way to follow Ben Carson's method to success in life.  However, Barry Soetoro has never claimed to be "black" until he was running for PotUS.  Furthermore Mister Bull Shit has done more to harm Black Americans as a whole than even PotUS Lincoln.

The bible says judge a sapient by their deeds instead of their words.  Thus, Barry Soetoro is a traitor to the United States, and a Kenyan national.

I say the latter because that is how Mister Barry Soetoro paid for college... Oh I am sorry, how he failed to pay for college.  He applied for an received Financial Aid as a Foreign Exchange student from...


you guessed right!!!  Kenya!

So yes that is why I call him these things.  He himself calls himself these things if you actually listen to him, instead of just what you want to hear.

However, citizens of the confederacy have always known the supreme court fails to be on our side.  The Statists have used it as a bludgeon whenever they could, and the few times the Supreme Court says "No you can not send American Indians down the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma!"  Statists do it anyways.