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While sleeping last night a wonderful and beautiful dream with +Taylor Swift +Taylor Alison Swift +Taylor Alison Swift, graced me.  This has happened a few times recently to me.  This dream has inspired me to begin to enter them into my diary.  This catalyst is accompanied with a desire to dream lucidly more frequently;  And increase the lucidity while dreaming.  This record is published online, to help overcome my shyness and enhance my self-confidence.

Those who know, are aware that writing out our dreams is an easy way to advance into lucid dreaming.  Certain sounds and subliminal messaging has seemingly helped accelerate the growth of mine.  However, it seems a journal is the only actual catalyst that has been discovered by me.

If there is a dream featuring coital exercises, succinct, concise, and clear will be what is told by me.  Instead of illustrating the activity any.  However, that has yet to occur in recent memory.

The dreams are written from recent to farther in the past.

=/\= Admittedly, a few of the finer details are added to help relay the scene.  The precise details are found through remote viewing as this journal entry is written, by me.  So the chance of error is present, yet to be true is believed by me. =/\=

First off we are in a restaurant, believe do I.  We are sitting in a booth and Tay Tay and I are sitting together opposite of someone else.  The table is clean, waxed, and tan colored.  The bench seats have a dark red colored leathery cushions.

The shoulder length straight blond hair frames the aristocratic beautifully chiseled face of Tay Tay.  The length of her hair is just above her shoulders.  She is wearing a red cashmere top and black dress slacks.

What the visitor is saying is unclear to me but towards our relationship, a negativity is sensed by me.  What is the protocol, is unclear to me.  An idea comes to mind that perhaps the distance between us is to small, by me.

The response from Tay Tay is immediate, as she moves closer with our hips touching side by side.

At this point, the conscious mind begins to swell from the background and I force myself to put my arm around Tay Tay’s shoulder.  Her response is again immediate and she leans into my chest.

That is the time when I wake up.  The feeling of abundant happiness, serenity, and tranquility pervades into my awakening conscious mind of mine…  As was said previously, this was perhaps one of the most beautiful dreams that has graced my slumber in four decades of life.

=/\= The new supergirl television series on CW has inspired a reoccurring dream.  However the dream is different in that Kara’el {Tay Tay} is Superman’s sister and they were never separated and are close to the same age.

What I relay is strictly the perception of mine, in the dream.  This is shorter because the details are beyond the ability of my current self to recall.=/\=

Maybe Jimmy in this scene, is the point of view of mine;  Because for some reason a distant contact with Superman, was had by me.  Maybe I was a high school friend or something.  As a teenager, young adult, the time to go adventuring was limiting for me, by studying.

Kara’el {Tay Tay} and I meet when she is attending the same university.  They are in the same class as superstars of movies, television, music, et cetera.  Thus her reciprocating my interest in her, amazes me.

Kal’el gets wind of my interest in Kara’el and reflexively objects to my courtship of her.  That he fails to actually ask what Kara’el wants seems apparent to me, especially now as this is typed by me.

However, as mentioned, Kara’el reciprocates my interest in her and that leads to us furthering us courting each other further in secret.  It certainly seems difficult to do this but somehow we manage.  Perhaps the fact that Kara’el is Kal’el’s younger sister enables us to skirt his perception.

The dream ends with us being discovered by Kal’el.  There is a sense that Kara’el is being more assertive in defending me and our relationship from her older brother.

Fantastically there are any number of ways this could be expanded upon with detail, by me.  However, relaying the dream itself is the actual purpose of mine.